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Q: How do I find events, craft fairs, arts and craft shows and holiday fairs near me?

A: At National Craft Show Directory we've made the search process simple. To find a craft show or fair near you, click on the "Browse Event" tab on the navigation bar. There you can choose to search by State (states are divided by their first letter: A-H, I-M, N-S and T-W).

Or if you would rather use our Zip Code Search, you can enter your zip code to find all the events happening near you.


Q: I can't find an event happening near me. 

A: If you are unable to find a particular craft show, you are welcome to do one of the following 3 options:

1) Add the event yourself for free by pulling the information from their website or social media such as Facebook and adding it to the "Submit An Event" form.


2) Notify us at with the title of the event and location and we will submit the information.

3) Contact the event producer and notify them of our site - one that offers free advertisement for craft fairs and shows on a detailed calendar with the opportunity for sponsorship.

Q: I am a crafter and I would like to apply for a booth at a craft fair. How do I do that?

A: Arts and craft fairs, craft shows and holiday fairs are always looking for vendors. There are two types of shows to choose from: juried or non-juried. Non-juried show are typically produced by the community and local organizations. At a non-juried fair they often review applications on a first come/first serve basis. Therefore, it's best to apply for a non-juried show as early as possible to make sure tables and booths are available. Juried shows are created and ran by a small group of judges who go through a thorough screening process for each application and pick artisans and crafters that are appropriate for the type of fair being curated. Juried craft shows generally draw in a larger audience and are more expensive than non-juried craft fairs. Each event listing will note whether they are juried or non-juried and the listing will contain a link for more information to apply.

Q: I want to submit an event fair to your directory. Is it free?

A: At National Event Show Directory we welcome all craft fair, arts and craft show and holiday fair events. We will never charge a fee to add an event to our calendar. You may opt to upgrade if you choose to. To submit your event go "Submit An Event."


Q: What is a featured event and how can I feature mine?

By featuring an event or having your company sponsor National Craft Show Directory, you are able to highlight and promote your event or company to draw more attention from viewers.

A featured event offers higher visibility to our already growing audience. These events are given more prominence over events that are not featured by having a different look to the event listing so it stands out. For more details about featuring event click the Feature Event option on the submission page.